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Crossmots, available in 27 combinations, are two-language crosswords designed to help students and individuals who are learning or need to learn a second language and are specifically designed to help improve vocabulary skills.  So, if the clue is in one language the solution is in the other.  We hope you have lots of fun.  


Currently, crossmots have been printed in the following English-language newspapers:


  • The Riviera Times, based in Nice, France
  • The Budapest Times of Hungary
  • The Voices Newspaper, based in Didim, Turkey
  • The Helsinki Times, Finland (Finnish language themed pages)
  • The Rio Times, Rio de Janerio, Brazil
  • The Olive Press, based in Andalucia, Spain


  • The Nasze Strony, a Polish-Language Newspaper Based in the East of England


Crossmots are also available from the AmericCymru website (English-Welsh)

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Our Crossmots books contain over 175 varied and interesting bi-lingual crosswords.

For teachers

We have created special pdf files that contain crossmots and the answers.  These may be photocopied and distributed to students for classwork or private study on a perpetual basis.  Please select the 'For teachers' page

For publication editors

We provide crossmots to editors of magazines at very reasonable rates.  These are generally larger crossmots.  In return for charging low rates for this service we require your acknowledgement of this website when publishing.  Please select the 'For publication editors' page for more details.

Our New Books!

Our English-Polish book of Crossmots now finished!!! Thank you Gosia. If you wish to purchase please follow the link
English-Spanish version now available, thank you Ana!
English-French book now available, thank you Dr Nathalie
English-Italian version now available, thank you Deborah
English-German version currently in production, thank you Dr John
The Dutch-English version now in production, thank you Janneke
Portuguese-English book now available thank you Giesele
Thank you Lydia for the hardest challenge - The Russian English book of Crossmots